sand transfer conveying unit

Extra-wide belt for extra-fast results

Dump more sand onto the hopper in less time with this high-quality sand transfer conveying unit, which is built totally in-house by Orteq. The T-belt is equipped with a dedicated turbo diesel power plant that drives the extra-wide, 54-inch troughed conveyor belt, as well as the hydraulic leveling supports. The horizontal loading area of the belt is protected by a hinged cover screen that breaks up clumps in the sand before it’s loaded into the hopper through an adjustable swivel discharge chute. And because it’s made by Orteq, it offers unmatched reliability.


Fenner Dunlop RockMaster® two-ply, 220PIW laced with the superior holding strength of the Super-Screw 63 fastener system.


Kubota V3800 99 HP turbodiesel engine
Fuel tank and hydraulic oil tank included

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