Easily add water to the mix

This sturdy unit provides dependable polymer injection and hydration as you pump chemicals to the fracking unit. It helps increase slurry viscosity while eliminating post-job waste. Operated from a climate-controlled cabin mounted on a platform, the unit features a 200-barrel holding tank with an optional capacity of 300 barrels.

Volvo VLETAD1365 VE/PP diesel engine at 551 BHP @ 1,800 rpm
Tier 4 Emissions Certified
24 Volt Electric Starting System

Standard 5th Wheel configuration with landing gear.
Dual Axles rated for 25,000 pounds equipped pneumatic brakes and suspension.
Steel wheels and Low-Profile 275/70R22.5 Tires, Polished Aluminum Wheels are available as an option.
Six hydraulic stabilizer legs
All tail lights, turn signals and side marker lights

Two stainless steel 550 gallon totes for additive chemical storage and two additive pumps.
Four Auxiliary Chemical additive inputs with suction pumps.
200 barrel hydration tank (300 gallon option available) with (8) hydraulic flow gates, catwalk and fold-up handrail.

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