Cementing Unit2017

Redundant systems for continual backup

Our custom-designed double cementer gives you confidence by providing 100% redundant, twin pumping systems, including two engines, suction pumps and sets of hydraulics. That means you can bring a single truck to the wellsite rather than two, saving cost and space. The unit gives you plenty of fluid capacity to mix on the fly and push the cement downhole: it features a displacement tank with two 10-barrel compartments, as well as a single, 8-barrel mixing tank. It also includes racks for high-pressure iron and hoses.

Two Cummins QSX 15 turbodiesel engines rated at 665BHP at 2,100 RP
Emissions certified
Electric starting systems
24-volt, 100-amp electrical system
Heavy-duty industrial vertical radiators and residential grade mufflers

Two Allison 6061 transmissions

Two triplex pumps capable of 15,000 psi

Displacement tank with two compartments, 10 barrels each with enumerated level markers

One 8-barrel mixing tank with a proprietary adjustable recirculating mix head and two hydraulic-driven mixing paddles

Two 5×4 booster pumps and two 5×6 circulation pumps

Two completely independent hydraulic systems that include two 75-gallon hydraulic oil tanks and independent heat exchangers

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