Blending Unit2017

Twin systems for double the peace of mind

Orteq’s innovation is on full display in this blending unit, which features two completely independent slurry blending systems capable of delivering 120 BPM at 75 psi. If one side goes down, you always have a backup, which can save you time and money. And unlike many units, the hydraulic system is 100% redundant. It’s much more affordable than transporting two blenders to the site.

The double blender is designed for utmost ease of use and safety, with clean and straightforward hosing and piping systems, a suction and discharge manifold on both sides, and a mixer specifically made for fracking.

The controls cabin – which is climate-controlled and located on an operator platform with three access ladders – provides visibility to every aspect of your operations.

(2) Cummins QSX 15, 665BHP at 2,100RPM
Emissions Certified
24-volt, 100 amp electrical system
(2) heavy-duty industrial vertical radiators and residential-grade mufflers

(2) ORTEQ Drop Box Transmissions with 1.83:1 Ratio and air clutches.

The hydraulic systems are two completely independent systems.
(2) 100gal hydraulic oil tanks and independent heat exchangers.

(4) 12” proppant augers, two per system
(2) Dry chemical feeders
The Mixer/Blender Pumps are a proprietary design that integrates the slurry pump and the blender into a single unit.
Each Mixer/Blender Pump system can reach a sand concentration of 22 lbs./gals. at low rates and up to 18,000 lbs. of sand per minute at high rates.
Redundant Inlet manifolds each feature (14) 4” winged unions with butterfly valves.
Redundant Outlet manifolds each feature (12) 4” winged unions with butterfly valves.

Orteq Proprietary information is Strictly Confidential.  Distribution without prior written request and consent is prohibited.