cement storage

Choose a four-tank bin or a single silo

When you need larger quantities of cement, Orteq offers two great ways to store cement on location: a four-tank field bin or a large, portable silo. The field bin is easy to transport and use, with a capacity of 400 cubic feet for each bin. The storage silo, which measures 8 feet x 25 feet, has a capacity of 1,000 cubic feet.


1000 cubic foot ASME certified pressure vessels
35-psi working pressure
Includes proprietary aeration device (fluffer) to ensure fluid flow of dry bulk cement 4-in. Victaulic fill, vent, and discharge nozzles
3” Camlock for air supply
Tank supports include 6-in. pipe legs with structural steel base
20” Manway installed in the cone.
Suitable for materials with a specific gravity of 1.5 (density of 94 pounds per cubic foot) or less
OSHA compliant access ladder and tie-off ring on the top of the tank.


Four 400-cubic-foot ASME certified pressure vessels
35 PSI working pressure
Proprietary aeration devices (fluffers) to keep cement flowing
20-inch manway installed in each vessel

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