Batch Mixing Unit2017

The right choice for bigger jobs

Our batch mixing unit features a proprietary design by Orteq that makes it incredibly simple to use. It’s a great choice for large jobs, allowing you to fill big cavities with only one truck. It offers two 50-barrel mixing tanks, each with hydraulically driven, paddle-style agitators. Two centrifugal pumps help you control circulation, slurry fill, water fill and discharge, and the manifold system allows for a variety of different styles of blending. The unit also features a spacious operator’s platform and ample storage on the back for pallets of chemicals or other additives you want to include in the mix.

John Deere 6090 325hp turbo diesel engine
Electric Starting Systems

DOT compliant Heavy Duty Oil Field chassis constructed from two structural wide flange beams
40’ Long x 8’ 5¾” Wide
Two 30K capacity axles
Anti-lock braking System (ABS).

Two 50 barrel vessels
Hydraulic driven 3-level agitator

Paint to customer’s specifications
Alternate compressor and/or engine
Polished aluminum wheels

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